Matale 2 km

5 km to Aluwihare

8 km to Rattota

12 km to Bambarakiriella

18 km to Sembuwatta

21 km to Riverston top


25 km to Pitawalaw Pathana

27 km to kandy

30 km to Thelgamu oya

35 km to Sera Ella

40 km to Dambulla

The road that leads to the beautifu
l village Dankanda, a few
kilometres away
The famous Bambarakiri Ella,
the waterfall at close proximity
The luring Sera Ella, the waterfall
in a few minutes’ ride,
an ideal place for
adventure swimming for experts.
The crystal clear Weralugastenna
Stream for a safe cool,
fresh water bath
Thelgamu Oya that flows down
the cool mountains of the Knuckles
Range carrying fresh water for
those who love enjoy bathing
and swimming.
The mist covered communication
tower on the summit
of Riverstone.
The misty Knuckles Mountain Range,
the most picturesque dream
world of nature lovers, that
conceals numerous secrets of the
natural world.
The famous Manigala Mountain
that towers the traditional village
Manigala dominating the
blue sky


The bungalow is located bordering a dense green pines forest and a natural lake which offers nature lovers a dream paradise for their holiday.
Surrounding area offers great views all around the bungalow and just 10 km away, you will be having one of the best and unique scenic area in Sri Lanka with the mini worlds end, Pitawala Pathana, Riverston Peak and number of waterfalls and water stream.

Rivesron Summit – 30 minutes drive to the starting point

Pitawala Pathana - 30 minutes drive

Mini Worlds End  - 30 minutes drive and then trekking
Sera Ella - 8km from Pitawala & can be reached by a vehicle
Bambarakiriella – walking distance from the bungalow Crystal clear water streams

Climatic conditions here are very similar to Horton plains with the addition of having two great waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”, both of which are a site for sore eyes, don’t forget to relax on the rock seats of “Sera Ella” relishing the cold misty spray of water on your face and Thelgamu Oya offers a great site for a dip in crystal clear but chilly water. Travelling further upstream on this very scenic stream will no doubt will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We recommend that you plan a trekking trip to the misty Riverston peak via Pittawala Pathana, as it offers some of the greatest views of the central hills across the mini worlds end which ends in a sheer drop of 300 meters offering a great vista especially of the “Knuckles range”, and the Thelgamu valley below with its terraced paddy field method unique to the central hills of Sri Lanka.

Riverston and nearby peaks
Riverston is very popular among local and international visitors for trail tracking, nature sceneries, waterfalls and so many other nature related activities. This is why many people come here to enjoy the nature.Passing Riverston and with the gradual climb down along the motor way, one can see sevaral peaks of Knuckles Mountain range such as Gombaniya,Yakungala,Kirigalpotta,Dorakulugala and Kobonilagala.

Pitawala Pathana
'Pitawala Pathana' or the 'Pitawala Grassland' is an unique area of 20 Hectares. Due to winds, the trees growing in the pictured area are not growing big.There is a rocky flat terrain only holds small plants and few survive the hot weather without getting dried. The rainy weather brings them back to life.

Hundreds of water streams with abundance of crystal clear water makes the whole region come alive with all types of ferns and mosses. The Riverston route to the Knuckles rich with the fascinating humid nature.

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